PYROSPOT DT 25L : Low cost digital pyrometers for industrial purpose :

The PYROSPOT DT 25L are specifically designed low cost digital pyrometers for industrial purpose. They are suitable for temperature measurements from 20 C to 700 C on different non-metallic or coated metallic surfaces.

The solid construction in a compact stainless steel housing guarantees the using of the devices even under rough ambience conditions.

An optional air purge is available for high dust loading. With a response time of 200 ms (t95) only the pyrometer is also suitable for fast measurement tasks. The fixed optics with a distance ratio of 40 : 1 realizes measurement field diameters from 15 mm.

The solution is: Pyrospot DT25L

Temperature Range: -20C to +700C. 4-20 mA output


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