Low Cost PID Controller – TS 48 from Tashika :

In the present era, there is a paradigm shift in the technologies used for manufacturing and process control towards advanced, innovative and cutting edge technology like an assembly line, batch processing etc. Such technologies are readily employed in industries like cement, glass, metal, & pharmaceuticals to yield the best quality with mass production. There is a proverb “Powers comes with great responsibilities” similarly these technologies allows mass production while at the same time they need system parameters must be monitored properly for the accurate functioning of the system.

These parameters can be easily parameterized by using PID controllers. Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control is the most common control algorithm used in industry and has been universally accepted in industrial control.

How to Choose a PID Controller?
The controller is one part of the entire control system, and the whole system should be analyzed in selecting the proper controller. The following items should be considered when selecting a controller:

  1. Type of input sensor (thermocouple, RTD or linear input i.e current or voltage) and temperature range
  2. Type of control output required (relay, SSR, voltage or current)
  3. Control algorithm needed (on/off, proportional, PID)
  4. Number and type of outputs (heat, cool, alarm, limit)
  5. Programmable or Non-programmable
Tashika PID controllers supplied by us are the best in class solution with the following salient features.
  • PID & Auto tuning
  • 1 Alarm
  • High accuracy
  • Digital interface
  • Heater breaks alarm
  • Retransmission output
  • On/Off control pattern
  • 4 Digit LED(PV & SV)
  • 90~260VAC(50/60Hz) or 24VDC power source
  • Universal Input
  • Several different Size

MTA Series

MTB Series

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